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[Cyberpunk is here.


The ideas behind cyberpunk originate from the literary genre often characterized by a futuristic high tech world. It's a world of highs and lows, divisions, class strife, and social upheavals. Ideas embedded in cyberpunk are both philosophical and practical in nature and its concerns have never been more relevant than today.

Cyberpunk.Market (CPM) is here to better serve the citizens of today so can enjoy exploring the zeitgeist curated marketplace. CPM is not a giant corporation and stands against the pervasiveness of such entities. CPM is also an emergent property of these entities and their forces. CPM's aim and function is a re-distributor of products and resources. Currently, most of the CPM catalog is drop shipping via suppliers found on AliExpress while researching optimal sources and suppliers. 

The cyberpunk theme extends over a wide range of products like clothing, accessories, gadgets, electronics, media... Here you can get in on the current wave of innovation, reflect on the world, revel in popular culture, and discover what the global market has to offer.


CPM is based out of Seattle, WA.]


 CPM operates under Drywater ENT lmtd, which does not have a website.